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Experience seamless data integration between Google Cloud Platform and SFTP.

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The Automated Data Transfer Platform.

Netice helps you move your data smoothly between systems like SFTP, BigQuery, and Cloud Storage. It’s all about making sure your information is right where you need it, when you need it, and without any hassle. See how our easy-to-use solution frees up your time so you can focus more on your business goals.

Easy and Secure.

Use for free for 15 days – no credit card needed!

Automate Your Data Transfers,
Unlock Infinite Possibilities

When you don't need daily automation.

USD 29.99 /month
  • 1 weekly transfer
    Weekly or monthly transfer
    – fully automated
  • Max. file size 50 MB

Simply automate one daily task!

USD 99.99 /month
  • 1 daily transfer
    Daily, weekly or monthly transfer
    – fully automated
  • Max. file size 50 MB

Automate more tasks with increased max. file size.

USD 199.99 /month
  • 2 daily transfers
    Daily, weekly or monthly transfers
    – fully automated
  • Max. file size 150 MB

Even more tasks – and higher file size limit.

USD 299.99 /month
  • 3 daily transfers
    Daily, weekly or monthly transfers
    – fully automated
  • Max. file size 300 MB

Effortlessly Connect Your Cloud to SFTP for Automated Data Transfers

Data sources and destinations:

  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Storage

Coming soon:

  • Amazon Redshift (July 2024)
  • Amazon S3 (July 2024)
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Why Netice?

  • 15 days for free - no credit card required

    Once you have set up the automatic data transfers and you are convinced Netice is working for you, you can make an informed purchase decision.

  • Low-cost solution with no hidden surprise costs

    With Netice You always know how much you are paying, and what you are paying for. The billing is 100% based on subscription plans with fixed costs that accomodate to all of your needs.

  • Easy to use for everyone - not only for data experts

    Netice data transfer tool has been developed with ease of use as one of the main goals in mind, the other one being data security. The tool is easy to use for anyone regardless of their job position.

  • Your data is secured

    All of your information is stored securely and secrets such as SFTP keys/passwords and Cloud service account keys are encrypted. Read more about Netice's data security practices here.

  • Free support

    Our support is ready to help, should You encounter any issues with setting up your automated data transfers. We also have plenty of support and instruction materials available.

It's so easy to automate your data for visualization.

Simply select from where to where you want to transfer and upload your .csv data files, fill in the details and let Netice do the work for you automatically. 

Whether your data ends up visualized and reported in tools such as Looker Studio, Tableau or Power BI, you can say bye-bye to manually updating the data behind it.

The data behind the reports is always there and up-to-date when you need it.

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Start your 15-day free trial!

Frequently asked questions

The user selects source and destination for their data, and creates an automated transfer task by filling in the needed information (e.g. SFTP server information, BigQuery dataset & table…) all depending on the transfer case and submits the automated task. In brief, it is as simple as that!

Further information found in Documentation.

The tool supports transferring data as CSV files (UTF-8 encoding).

Netice operates in Finland (hence the domain “.fi”), a country with strong internet and data security laws. Moreover, we operate in the European Union and strictly adhere to manage data in a legal and responsible way, and according to GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation).

We place the utmost emphasis on the security of your data – you can read everything about our security measures and policies here. 

Subscription plans are all based on monthly fixed billing amounts depending on the plan you choose. Payments are to be processed and handled by our trusted third-party payment provider. With clear fixed pricing in all subscription plans, there are absolutely no hidden or surprise costs. You always know how much you are paying, and what you are paying for.